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  • Canbustn's Avatar
    02-14-2018, 03:30 PM
    Prayers for all involved. This makes me cringe every time one of these "mass" shootings occurs.
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  • HDD's Avatar
    02-14-2018, 03:43 PM
    HDD started a thread Happy Hallmark Day in MAIN STREET
    So whoís in trouble after today? The flowers and cards are ready for her when she gets home from work.
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  • Spoonbilla's Avatar
    02-16-2018, 06:36 PM
    Made a run couple days ago and ended up with a nice mess. About to bust with eggs so it won't be long. Most were over 15" with a few in the 12-13"...
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  • Aaron Little's Avatar
    02-13-2018, 05:39 PM
    Aaron Little started a thread 1995US1 in MAIN STREET
    Anyone have Dannyís contact info? Got a 50hp Mercury to play with...
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  • Doe Nob's Avatar
    02-13-2018, 10:07 AM
    Doe Nob started a thread panama fishing? in MAIN STREET
    Wedding has been bumped up to June 2nd. Planning a bachelor party in Panama City - Panama in late may. The over/under for missing persons is...
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  • duckpond's Avatar
    02-15-2018, 07:47 AM
    duckpond started a thread Blue bobcat in MAIN STREET
    I posted this a while back. Shot about 2-3 miles from the house and next to one of my hog hunting places. Little extra info. From the biologist. ...
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  • Texas Bill's Avatar
    02-13-2018, 03:05 PM
    Where do you even begin with these two? Couple sells all possessions for sailboat, sinks 2 days into trip...
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  • AgDuckHunter's Avatar
    Yesterday, 04:05 PM
    By all accounts, ski conditions are pretty crappy this year, so between that and cost, I'm probably ruling that out this year. Anything within a 20...
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  • t mac 3's Avatar
    02-13-2018, 08:23 PM
    I am not sure what is harder to phatom, Fire Breathing Dragons, or that Big ass chain is readily available in mass quantities North of the Wall.
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  • ReaPeR105's Avatar
    02-15-2018, 01:26 PM
    A good friend of mine, after seven years of medical school and training, has been fired for one minor mistake. He slept with one of his patients. ...
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  • Panther's Avatar
    02-18-2018, 10:58 AM
    I'm so forking sick of athletes/celebrities using their fame as platform. Shut up and ski,skate,hoop, what ever. Just because you are really...
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  • maxx's Avatar
    02-15-2018, 02:13 PM
    maxx started a thread See Ya Fools in MAIN STREET
    Headed to Cabo tomorrow with the family. We are staying at the same place as last year. I think we are going to take it easy this time around but I...
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  • AvianQuest's Avatar
    02-16-2018, 01:44 PM
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  • BlueGoose's Avatar
    02-16-2018, 07:21 AM
    BlueGoose started a thread 100 Days in MAIN STREET
    Not a drop of rain. Amarillo is up around 130. Glad I ain't no dry land cotton farmer no more.
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  • Lumberjack's Avatar
    02-18-2018, 07:42 PM
    Lumberjack started a thread Land in MAIN STREET
    For those of you that have purchased raw land how did you go about finding it. My parents are looking in a county they do not reside and do not have...
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  • bearintex's Avatar
    02-16-2018, 09:41 AM
    Headed to the range shortly. 6.5 creedmoor and Grendel on the agenda. The steel will be hung at 350 yards, and we have a 600 yard plate to bang on as...
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  • Secret Agent's Avatar
    02-16-2018, 01:55 PM
    Lord have mercy! I need a nap after eating all that for lunch today.
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  • Panther's Avatar
    02-13-2018, 02:54 PM
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  • Runnin' 87's Avatar
    02-15-2018, 05:18 PM
    Over the past few weeks I have been presenting the latest Legislative Update to our guys. This has been added to the Sexual Assault Statutes. ...
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  • Native Arkie's Avatar
    Yesterday, 07:03 PM
    Native Arkie started a thread Cold shower in MAIN STREET
    Nothing like getting up at 5:30am to shower before going to work, only to realize that there's no hot water. :doh: Damn that water was cold,...
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  • AvianQuest's Avatar
    02-18-2018, 01:18 PM
    AvianQuest started a thread Ban Them Now in MAIN STREET
    When will Congress act to save us? Every day, 28 people are killed in drunk driving crashes. Thatís over 10,000 a year with an average of 345,000...
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  • olepal's Avatar
    02-18-2018, 08:07 PM
    Drove up Hwy 6 and turned east (south or whatever) on 290. Caught a glimpse of a large billboard that had Federal Ammo for the background but had a...
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  • Kook's Avatar
    02-18-2018, 06:26 PM
    Kook started a thread M&P Shield ? in MAIN STREET
    Finally got one. Were yall factory mags tha f-ing tight? Took everything I had to get the 7th round loaded. I gots arthur ritis but damn... no other...
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  • olepal's Avatar
    02-13-2018, 02:44 PM
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  • Oxbow's Avatar
    02-16-2018, 07:54 PM
    At least it wasn't an owl.... Dumpster Diving for Clues A Lubbock area game warden received a tip from a message left on the Game Warden...
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  • Rebsbud's Avatar
    02-14-2018, 10:00 PM
    Rebsbud started a thread Turning wood in MAIN STREET
    I donít really know why, I donít have anything in particular I want to build, but been wanting a lathe, just the same. Seems it would be a handy...
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  • bearintex's Avatar
    02-15-2018, 03:43 PM
    Moving away from 6.8SPC to 6.5 Grendel in my AR. As such I have a pile of 6.8 SPC kit to move. Bushmaster 16Ē barrel $100 Low profile gas block...
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  • Markstanco's Avatar
    02-14-2018, 01:46 PM
    Vacated all those wins back in 2012-2013? You see this? ...
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  • olepal's Avatar
    02-16-2018, 04:05 PM
    olepal started a thread Update on Conor... in MAIN STREET
    Well, round 4 of chemo is in the books. Hit the little man pretty hard. He has been in a lot of pain the last few days. Grandmother (my wife) has...
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  • cryers's Avatar
    Yesterday, 09:08 PM
    cryers started a thread New Job in MAIN STREET
    Am I the only one that hates leaving a job? Got an offer today that is exactly what Iíve been looking for. Canít find any negative to it, but still...
    9 replies | 175 view(s)
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