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Thread: DIY 12v Pig/Feeder Light

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    DIY 12v Pig/Feeder Light

    Having bought a couple of "cheap" feeder lights and not being satisfied, I decided to build my own.

    What you will need:
    Fat 50 Ammo Box
    12v Photocell
    12v Lawn Mower Battery
    12v Landscape light that uses a MR16 bulb
    12v Green LED MR16 bulb
    12v Solar Panel with shielded wiring
    Tube of Black Silicone sealer
    10' long 2" conduit
    Several 2 1/2" U-bolts
    Several 3" hose clamps
    Various drill bits, 7/8" hole saw, bolts as required


    LED Bulbs

    Landscape Light

    Solar Panel

    It is a fairly simple design. I put the photocell behind the handle for the ammo box to protect it from squirrels and what not. I also used garden hose washers to shim it to the right depth. My solar panel didn't have a shielded wire so I had to buy that too. I chose a 12v lawn mower battery because it was on sale for $20. I had to order the bulb and photocell online. I got a good deal on the bulbs, so I bought a couple of both the flood and spot light bulbs. They will store nicely inside the ammo can and replacement takes about 20 seconds tops.

    You can pretty much figure it out from here. I mounted mine on 2" conduit so I could slip it over a T-Post pretty much anywhere I wanted. It also makes removing or moving very easy. I also drilled some 3/16" plate to use inside the ammo can to reinforce it and a 1/4" piece to shim the box out away from the conduit so the lid will close. You can shim it with washers, just make sure to put a little silicone on them to seal the can up.

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    I had 2 12v LED railroad crossing lights that would have made some bad ass pig lights, we aint got pigs to shoot at though
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    Man, if you was here, I could fix you up.

    Put up the pole, but forgot the camera and my phone takes awful pictures.

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    will take note of this. isn't it complicated to fix?

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