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Thread: NRP cyber stalking

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    NRP cyber stalking

    The post on the other site reminds me of story from a couple years ago. My son participated in the DNR managed youth hunt at Blossom Pt a couple years ago and shot a very large buck. I was asked if I would submit a picture and for the youth section of the DNR website which I did.

    Last winter- Sunday evening around 8 pm a DNR vehicle pulls in my driveway and the 2 officers ask to speak with my son. Because he is still a minor, I asked what was the nature of their visit. They were all business and refused to tell me anything. They repeated that they needed to speak with my son. At this point I my hospitality was fading quickly. My son came outside and they told him they saw his deer on the DNR website. The questions were more along the lines of interrogation. The website said the deer was killed in October with a shotgun and they thought they had a cyber violation. When I informed them it was taken legally at a DNR managed youth hunt, the tone changed completely and they said they were only here to congratulate him and hoped to come inside and get to see the mount in person.

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    What area is this ? I don't know why you even allowed them to speak to your son at all.

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    This was S. MD and the only reason I allowed it was because I knew we had nothing to hide. I didn't want to stonewall them and have them tear my boat apart at the ramp or roll up on me 30 minutes into legal shooting time for a compliance check. It's better to be cordial than create friction down the road. Now when I've got 4 extra cans stuffed under the deck, I'll tell them to pound sand! (joke..ha ha) ...kind of....maybe...

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