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Thread: Duck Steak

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    Duck Steak

    I came on to get the DK Chili recipe and noticed I hadn't posted this here. My brother turned me on to this and its too good not to share.

    Big Duck (Mallard) Breast Fillets

    4 parts Olive Oil (ex 1 cup)
    2 parts Soy Sauce (ex 1/2 cup)
    1 part Red Wine Vinegar (ex 1/4 cup)
    Minced fresh garlic to taste (ex 3 full Tablespoons, my brother calls for a "#### load")

    Marinate breasts in ziplock overnight. Cook on a hot grill like a steak but turning frequently until seared on the outside and Med rare (lil' pink in the middle). Note: as the cook, you get to sample- Make sure you get that taken care of out at the grill. Meat will taste similar to a beef fillet, Enjoy.

    Apologize in advance if this is a repeat.

    Some Food Porn:
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    Looks good Gary. I'm gonna give that a try. Thanks for sharing.

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    Just don't mess up and accidentally use a jack!

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    that looks delicious

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    Canvasback works very well for this.
    When in doubt, you can always pee on it.
    Neil Camp-Works for me, you technological Pygmy.

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