Our anchor lake (Eufaula) has risen to 590.32 which is 5.32' above normal winter pool.

At ~3'+ (588.00) is where the majority of what natural habitat that was able to germinate after the summer flooding is now found.

As a result of the current level, there are hundreds if not thousands of acres of "groceries" available for the birds and as the migration continues they will likely stop AND stay in the area because of these conditions.

However, sources have confirmed our illustrious COE is beginning (today) to dump ~40,000 CFS from the lake with intentions to bring it down to ~586 (1' above normal) and then power generate from there with authority to go ~3-4" below normal pool of 585.00.

This is apparently per their "plan" and is a "checkbox" decision predicated upon bureau politics in lieu of common sense.

Here is what can be done.

Contact our/your United States Senators and Representatives...contact links are below. Sen. Inhofe is chair of the COE appropriations so they "weigh" his vote in lieu of simply counting it.

The following is suggested verbiage for the email:

..."Oklahoma has just come out of a historical drought with the largest reservoir (Eufaula) in the state at 5'+ above normal pool.

This weather event has provided an abundant resource for power generation and with official weather forecasts indication of a winter where electric power needs are likely to be higher than normal.

Additionally, there are now hundreds if not thousands of acres of natural winter habitat available for migratory waterfowl and this has not been the case for many years in the recent past.

The COE has indicated their intention to dump over 90% of this water from the reservoir and then begin power generation afterwards. Apparently, they have some "policy" in place for this action.

However, on it's face, this appears to be a tremendous waste of a God given resource by not generating this surplus water out instead of simply dumping it into the Gulf of Mexico plus our migratory waterfowl will be deprived of access to natural winter habitat for their sustenance.

Is there anything that can be done to address this obvious departure from what many view as bureacratic policy trumping common sense?"




IMO, it's worth a try.