GREAT PUPPIES AT A GREAT PRICE!! Great Pedigree for $900!! Sire and Dam both earned their MH titles at one year old and have since become fantastic hunting dogs and pets Frosty & Boogie have made some beautiful healthy black/yellow factored puppies. Both Frosty and Boogie are EIC & CNM clear and have their hip, elbow & eye clearances. Boogie is from one of the most successful HT/FT breedings in history. His sister Betty was the youngest QAA bitch in the country, youngest MH ever, Youngest to ever qualify for Master National, Youngest to ever pass the Master National, youngest dog to ever attain the MNH title, and youngest dog ever inducted into the Retriever Hall of Fame. His brother Sam was the first {and only} dog to ever be a MH, QAA and Derby list at 18 months. He had a 5 yr old boy and an 11 yr old girl run him to get his MH title. Boogie is an incredibly stylish athlete. Dr Rose who did their hips and elbows, and has done over 10,000 dogs hips said boogie is the strongest dog he has ever seen. He is 75 lbs of excitement, and only the second dog I have owned that I feel confident enough to hunt in the big Rivers Pedigree link for Boogie; Frosty like Boogie is extremely smart and was also a precocious learner. She earned her MH title as a one yr old and was the youngest dog to qualify for the 2016 Master National. She passed it with flying colors and became easily the youngest dogs to pass that year and the 3rd youngest to ever pass the Master National. Frosty is very mellow until the birds start flying. Then she becomes laser focused and is steady as a rock....until you send her and she throws dirt in your eye. She has had natural quartering ability from the start, and has a methodical relentless hunt that leaves no pheasant a safe escape from her keen nose link to Frosty's pedigree Frosty ttps:// Both Frosty and Boogie are free of any genetic defects, great hunters, both upland and waterfowl. They are great pets who love children and get along well with other dogs. Pups will be ready for their new homes the second week of November. For more info or to reserve a pup call Mark at 660 886 6538