Was watching the world news and they were reporting a car bombing in Pakistan that killed 17 and injured 100s. Got me wondering, if they outlaw and confiscate all our guns, mags. etc., when the nuts start killing 10's of people with car bombs, will they then outlaw and confiscate vehicles with large trunks.......you know.....so they can't store as much explosives in them.....and consequently kill SO many people? The Washington D-bags will have us all riding bicycles!!!

And since I'm on a rant, when the terrorists start sticking bombs up their butts when the board a plane, will the TSA start doing anal exams as well? I can just see it now at the airport......just like my army physical....."OK everybody line up here....drop your trousers,dresses, or what every....bend over and grab your ankles and give me a nice big vertical smile!!!!!!