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Thread: F250 Brake Question

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    F250 Brake Question

    Have an 02 F250 w/195k on it. Back right caliper took a dump, inside pad was gone. So I have all 4 tires off and checking everything out.

    Back left - inside pad was worn much more than outside
    Front left - both pads wearing even
    Front Right - inside pad much more worn.

    So question is, how can I tell what is causing the issues? Slider pins? Caliper? Master cylinder?

    All rotors look even (Besides the back right).

    Already replaced caliper/pads/rotors on the back right and pads/rotor on back left.

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    Usually a sticking caliper piston.
    One of two things. Corrosion inside the bore of the caliper or an imploded brake hose to the caliper.
    If the hose is crumbling internally it can act like a one way valve applying pressure to the caliper when
    the brakes are applied and the not releasing it when you let off.

    Brake fluid is hygroscopic. Absorbs moisture from the atmosphere.
    Since the calipers are the lowest point in the system the water ends up there.
    All the European car makers tell you to flush the entire system and replace the fluid every two years because of this.
    Domestic car makers never do.

    Anytime we have to repair or replace calipers , they get new hoses too.

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